Second generation Americans and male companionship

Second generation Americans and male companionship

male companionsHave you ever found yourself in that awkward position where you are cornered up in the vacuum of your loneliness asking who uses male companionship services more? A little research and reminiscence are what it took me to find the answer.

I had a friend whose dad was from India, but her mum was American (but spent most of her life in India). Her parents moved to America to give her the opportunity they never had. Did I forget to mention that her name – my friend – was Jane?

She had the world in her grip until she crossed 20. Then the pressure began to mount. In India, it was almost a crime for a lady in her 25 not to have a husband. Your parents would be delighted to get one for you if it seemed you are having a hard time yourself.

To mask the pressure, Jane decided to seek male companionship services and pose with the guys as her boyfriend. Sounds weird, right? Jane was wild and didn’t like the idea of playing the subordinate role under any man. You know how much respect Indian women are supposed to show their husband.

I sometimes get worried that she may never get married, but she seemed not to be bothered. Well, Jane had dreams that kept her awake at night. The little time we spend together in college as roommates, I got motivated by her zeal. There were days she had as little as three to four hours of sleep at night and would still be active during the day, even better than some people that had up to eight hours of sleep.

She wanted to be a lot of things, an actress, a chemical engineer and sometimes fantasize about working for NASA. Seeking male companionship services was a way of buying time for herself away from the social pressures which according to her was, “insensitive and insane.” Jane like many second-generation Americans want to live their lives to the fullest and would do anything within their power and wits to get what they want.

Don’t get me wrong; I know reading to this point you might think that Jane was all about books and studies. Well, most of the time, but she is also a party animal. Her presence and absence are always felt in any party especially among those who knew her.

During one of our end of year parties when we were still in college, she took to the stage, twisting and twerking her hips and buttocks like Shakira. The spectators were thrown into a frenzy. Some girls felt intimidated – or maybe jealous – that she was getting all the attention and got on stage to rival her. But they all failed woefully.

A few of them left not only the stage but the party scene because they could not handle the shame of defeat. I felt proud of her and ran upstage to give her a bear hug when the unofficial contest quieted. We all want to pose and be identified with success, right?

Most times when Jane is quiet, she will have a pen in her hand which she runs through blank sheets of papers. Yeah, told you she had lots of abilities. She was also a good writer. Her stories were always about love and romance that I wonder how she does it, knowing full well she has never been in a relationship that lasted more than three months.

There was one story she wrote, I have forgotten the title, but she talked extensively about male companionship on that one. A young lady fell in love with one of those guys, but he had to battle between keeping the relationship and maintaining his job. It was really exciting and revealing. It was after reading that story that I began to imagine what guys who render male companionship services go through. I sometimes forget that they are human beings and have felt like every one of us.

Jane has bagged a master’s degree and gunning for a doctorate but still not married – not even a steady relationship. She is obviously not bothered, but I wouldn’t want her brain and beauty to die with her. I sincerely wish she would find a reason to get married and bear children that would have her lovely tiny eyes and naturally pink lips. I won’t mind if she becomes a baby mama to one celebrity. All I care is seeing her features transcend to the younger generation.

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