Why people hire male companions

male companionsCall ten different ladies that want to hire male companions and ask them the reason behind their intentions and you would probably get different answers. However, ask them what they hope to achieve by hiring male companions and the reply would be almost identical. I have carried out this exercise with five different women in the past and below are the reactions I got from them. For the sake of confidentiality, I would not be mentioning any names here. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I am a male companion and have been into this business for close to five years.

Client A: Chubby dark skinned woman

The voice I heard on the other side of the line was disturbing. It was laced with depression and I knew I had to accept her offer, needless to say, that it was nothing close to my standard hourly fee – I render such humanitarian service sometimes because for me it is beyond the money. When I finally met her the following day, the first thing I noticed is that she was prettier and younger than her croaked voice. I was stunned at how depression can cause one to be worn out, like an overused rag. It has become a custom for me to interview my clients, not the regular kind of interview session but one that feels like a friendly conversation because that is how I get into their head and control their confidence. She mentioned that she was tired of working on her weight because the results were not encouraging. The bitter part was that she has lost two lovers because of her weight. After spending the night with her, I was able to convince her that checking her weight was important for health reasons but that her happiness and acceptance should not be hinged to that.

Client B: A bereaved lady in her late thirties

Her husband has just passed away without giving her a child and the house was becoming increasingly lonely. She has become paranoia and some nights hear voices. When it seemed she was losing her mind, she resorted to hiring male companions to help her through the darkest part of the night. It happened that what she really needed was that masculine touch and whisper that reassured her security. It worked and she was radiant with smiles the next morning – I am afraid she may need to hire male companions continuously to sustain her mood – except she chooses to remarry soon.

Client C: An emotionally battered young lady in her early twenties

Like every other girl, she had the urge to get into a relationship, to get married and this drove her into the hands of the wrong man. He came in the pretence that he wanted to marry her and fixed an engagement ring on her finger which won her over and gave him the power to sexually abuse her. It began with rough sex then graduated to assault that left her with fresh bruises all the time. She managed to break away but openly expresses her distrust for men. She wanted her life back and a friend advised her to hire male companions. She did and her story is gradually changing. She now believes there are still kind, well-groomed men out there who put their ladies ahead of their interest.

Client D: A nineteen years old trying to figure out sex

She did not mince words when she said that she wanted to know more about men and how to please them sexually. She had just attained a legal age and was scared of losing her man to another woman for the simple reason that she could not please him. Such stories are rampant and she didn’t want to be a victim. Working with her was a pleasure. I assumed the position of a teacher. Like every teacher, my joy came from her success.

Client E: A slim European lady battling with divorce

Emotionally, she was a wreck and it began to affect her work. She risked losing her job and the custody of her kids. It took two hires for me to get her back into the right mental frame.

You see, the reason why different women hire male companions may differ significantly but the end goal is usually that of peace of mind and happiness.

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